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About us

Frustration Equals Opportunity. is an Australian company formed in 2003 by two brothers. They have worked for government agencies, large corporations, small-medium enterprises and their own successful business.

All of these organisations shared a frustrating problem - managing business card information. Some would perform limited data entry, business cards were archived inside job files, others would be bundled in drawers - all unsatisfactory. And a lot of the information seemed out of date. gets your contact information to today's business destination - your customers' email address-book. For your customers, it's a free time saver. For you, it's an inexpensive way to improve communication with prospective customers. Pty Ltd
IBM Tower, Level 3
60 City Road, Southgate
Victoria 3006 Australia
A.C.N. 106 224 962

Telephone: 1300 790 577
Facsimile: 1300 790 677

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