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How it works

It's practical and easy to use works with your existing business cards. You simply subscribe, list your contact details and specify which telephone number(s) will display your details. Your customers can then visit your website (if you've installed our free toolbar) or visit this website, enter your nominated telephone number (as listed on your business card), and seconds later your details are sent to their computer. They just open the file and click to save it - your details are now at your customer's fingertips.

No additional software is required works with almost everyone's email program. Microsoft Outlook™, Microsoft Outlook Express™, Lotus Notes™ and many others automatically process vCard files. No additional software is needed, nor do your customers' have to alter their systems. offers a 14 day money-back guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied and wish to cancel your order within 14 days you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

You decide which telephone numbers are used for searching

Most subscribers list their mobile and direct phone numbers as searchable. This way, the searcher must know your key telephone number to download your full business contact details

Different ways for customers to find your details

There are two locations where customers can download your details.

  • From your existing website (using the free toolbar).

    Install our free search toolbar to your existing website, e.g.'Contact Us' page. Then you can tell customers "Just go to our website and download my details". Customers then have a practical reason to visit your website, increasing traffic and exposure.

    Clicking 'Search' passes the process to for completion. Help is available through the 'First time user?' hyperlink.

    The free toolbar looks like this and can be customised to match your ‘look’. Just ask your website manager about this, it’s simple.

   First time user?

Download contact details to your email address-book by entering the
individual's mobile telephone, or area code and direct local number.

  • Using the search box on this website.

    You can simply place a small annotation "Download from" on the front or reverse of your business cards. This directs customers to download your details through this website. See the example opposite.

Example business card showing download example
Sample of single sided card

Managing multiple subscriptions is easy

Management of subscriptions is centralised to your nominated company representative. For example, if you're ordering subscriptions for a sales department then only the your nominated 'Primary Administrator' can add/edit subscriber data, initiate updates to customers etc. If subscribing yourself then you control your subscription.

Your nominated administrator can create sub-administrators to assist with managing larger orders. For example, in a national office an administrator might create sub-administrators for each state to locally enter/edit subscriber data.

All administrators receive a short-form user guide.

Load your data quickly

Company name, street address, postal address, switchboard and fax numbers, website address and company products and services are usually common to the people you're subscribing. That's why we have the 'update common' subscriber data feature. You simply type this information once and apply to all subscribers in your order. You can also use this to quickly apply changes that affect all your subscriptions.

Only requested information is sent by

We are an ethical Australian business providing practical business products for a fee. We do not send any unsolicited email (SPAM) or sell database lists. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional information on this important topic.

About vCards*

Your details are converted into a vCard when your customer requests delivery. vCards are an open industry standard developed by a global consortium for transferring contact information. You can find more about vCards at vCards are tiny, which is why they transfer so fast.

It's not important if you've never heard of vCards before - chances are your customers' email programs know all about them, and how to use them.

Your customers' computers are safe creates the vCards in a secure environment and these will not damage your customers' systems. You can have confidence that all material created by is trustworthy, safe, and of a high standard. No software is installed or settings changed.

Help manage staff turnover

You now have a tool to introduce the new person to customers. Your nominated Administrator can re-assign the balance of the subscription to the new person. Customers who opted to be notified of any company changes can then be updated with the new person's details.

Transactions are secure

Credit card purchases through this website use SSL technology and 128 bit data encryption certified by Thawte to ensure secure transactions.


If you have any questions or suggestions please email and we'll get back to you quickly.

* vCard is a registered trademarks of the Internet Mail Consortium


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